‘beflash’ symbolically represents a visually remarkable moment that which appears in a flash.  beflash captures this sparkle, translates it into work with beautiful ideas and meanings.

beflash founded 2011, current team of 3 founders from multi art and design disciplines. beflash is recognized for blending human touch with creative synergy, to assist companies on brand building, communications with dynamic design styles and directions. beflashers are thinkers, detailed planners, project developers and skillful designers. We believe enthusiasm is the essence of life. To create with inspiration, motivation and a pinch of creativity, we passionately believe every little thing we create can make a big difference.


beflash於2011年由3位多媒體藝術及設計師成立。創作理念是體現理性與感性並存,我們更以這份信念為客戶提供具活力的設計方案及協助企業品牌建設。 beflashers是心思熟慮的思考者,詳細的規劃者,項目開發及熟練的設計師。我們相信每樣看似微不足道的事物,透過我們的熱忱、靈感創意和幹勁能幻化成各種可能。